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September 2003

2 Years On

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Just picked this article refernce up off Rob’s Rants. It’s a great piece by Robert Fisk on the 2 years since September 11th, 2001. The world has been mislead into using their sympathy and loss against those whom had nothing to do with it. A cunningly contrived battle plan that gathered the trust of mislead… Read More »2 Years On

My Bike’s Nicer than Yours

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At this stage most of us in the technology world will have either read or seen an extract from the report “Windows is cheaper than Linux”. The age old battle between the two rivals perpetuates. This time around instead of unconvincing reports indicating a certain supremacy a factual approach has been adopted. The linked article… Read More »My Bike’s Nicer than Yours

RIAA Just Kidding

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Well, well the RIAA have really pulled out all the stops in hammering down on the illegal music sharing demons of this world. Luckilly for us all they have captured the most heinous of those involved by bringing action against a 12-year-old girl from New York. C’mon aren’t there laws against that sort of thing?… Read More »RIAA Just Kidding

No Joy for Sun

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Amazingly, Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems co-founder and chief guru is leaving the company to pursue other challenges. One has to wonder if he has been drafted by Chelsea for something or other. source: The Register

Doomed I Say!

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Well maybe not so much doomed as loomed. Another story woven to grab the publics attention and what better way than with terror as the theme. Yes whether it be some hard hitting fundamentalist group or space rocks, people will always respond to terror news or news that strikes fear into the hearts of the… Read More »Doomed I Say!

Damn We’re Good!

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I was listening to the news last night and heard an interesting report about the efficiency of the Irish workers. It seems that in the productivity stakes even though we work less hours on average than the market leader America, we still put out comparatively good worth per capita figures. This all means that the… Read More »Damn We’re Good!