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Linux being oppressed?

Makers of PCs Fear Wrath Of Microsoft ( Interesting angle on why PC distributors don’t package linux with their machines, looks like it’s not because it’s too underground anymore…

Local-loop Unbundling

ZDNet |UK| – News – Story – EC cracks down on local-loop unbundling About time too…

The killer might be so cool

Irish Times Article – Warming breaks off biggest ice sheet in 30 years Scary thought to be coupled with the rest of the things that go on in this world. This article gives a very real view of exactly how lucky we are yet again to be alive and just how finely balanced this planet… Read More »The killer might be so cool

Well blog me anyway

Mícheál told me about blogging and this engine called greymatter. It’s really stable and useful for storing snippets of information or creating discussion groups for friends. You can download greymatter from