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Things that make me smile

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At what is nearly the end of a long day, the mind starts to wander in despondence, toward more loosely coupled topics. That’s how, after many hours in the programming chair in front of two monitors, I discovered that I own the same car that Linus Torvalds does (or at least once did). We may… Read More »Things that make me smile

Fowler on Agile

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Martin Fowler’s take on agile methods and in particular “pair programming”. As usual I agree with the man (aka the king of software patterns). link: Martin Fowler dot com

Google may be bad for your health

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Just picked this up from Boing Boing (Cory Doctorow on the case). Australian medical researchers are suggesting that doctors may be well-advised to consult search engines such as Google when coming up with a diagnosis for a patient’s illness. The content revealed by search engines is increasingly informative and coupled with the expert knowledge of… Read More »Google may be bad for your health

Ah, history…

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Well not so much history as it is my story. Today while rummaging around in some old archives of backed up data I stumbled across a couple of really old posts from my first official blog that was maintained using greymatter. Ah the distant memories of what seemed like heaven after I gave up on… Read More »Ah, history…

Search and you shall find…

Today I was trying to get some code running on my home machine (SIP code) when I kept running into problems with respect to registering users and more specifically listening points. My code kept throwing TooManyListeners exceptions. Anyway I was dumbfounded as the exact same code works on multiple other machines. So I thought that… Read More »Search and you shall find…

Now that’s magic!

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Only just read this on Boing Boing. Seemingly the magician, David Copperfield, was the victim of an attempted mugging earlier this year. When I say attempted, the thieves didn’t actually manage to get anything from Copperfield. You see, the people who were with him immediately handed over their valuables but Copperfield, being the magician, somehow… Read More »Now that’s magic!

Music never looked so good

Finally got around to installing the latest version of Apple’s iTunes (7.0.2). I have to say that I’m not easily won over by little gimmics but this release has me well and truly sold. There is a new view for your music library that shows a listing of songs and also above the song list… Read More »Music never looked so good

Feck the Government

Today I went for a run, gym-bound as the weather was less than I was willing to put up with. Whilst puffing my way through several kilometres on the threadmill my thoughts unwittingly turned to politics. I got thinking about how much I always wanted to run a marathon and then how I should do… Read More »Feck the Government