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Repairing OSX

For a while now, my infallable OSX installation has been behaving strangely. By strangely I mean that it has been loosing printers everytime it reboots, fails to restart the HTTP server after reboot and Spotlight would no longer function. As you might imagine this was somewhat annoying. However, after a bit of searching around and trial and error I managed to find what I think is the solution if it should ever happen again. Basically the symptoms are as a result of permissions being upset by installed software or otherwise. In my case I think it related to wireless USB drivers that I was testing. The solution is to open Disk Utility, select your system disk and then click Repair Disk Permissions. The process repaired several problems on my machine and everything seems to be working fine again. Good to know that I don’t have to reinstall, as the Windows guys would never let me live that down. 🙂

1 thought on “Repairing OSX”

  1. hehe, yeah, we would never have let you forget.

    Speaking of which, my MacBook Pro arrived yesterday. So it looks like I am joing the legions of Mac. 🙂

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