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June 2004

Power to the Pocket

Thanks to Andrew B for this link to a new device that really blows all other hadnhelds out of the water. A new mobile device that runs Windows XP with a 1GHz processor and full USB & FireWire capabilities. Due out this Autumn for a price of less than US$2000 this could be the end… Read More »Power to the Pocket

W is for Workstation

The “computer is the network”, “the network is the storage”, “the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone” and so on. Some of these phrases have been associated with Sun throughout the years and like all good computer companies their focus has shifted with time. These days Sun are appearing to move back to… Read More »W is for Workstation

Bankers, the lot of them!

Banks have been in the news recently and have dominated the conversations of everyone with respect to the breaking stories. Overcharging, misuse of advantage share options, the ever prevailant off-shore accounts, browsing websites resulting in very high management resigning, and more. Where will it all end? I don’t think that anyone in this country has been happy with banks for some time now but surely a reform must now be in order? source: Irish Times

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